1. Common Revenue Cycle Management Mistakes

    Many practices make common and costly revenue cycle management mistakes without even realizing it. Physicians are trained to be physicians. What they aren't generally trained on is how to run the business side of their practices, and that's probably why revenue cycle mismanagement is such a huge pro…Read More

  2. The Facts on Medical Debt in the United States

    Whether you run a small family practice or a hospital, it's important to get the facts straight on medical debt in the United States. As a healthcare provider, the success of your practice depends on your revenue cycle management process. In a perfect world, your patients would always pay their bala…Read More

  3. How To Reduce Revenue Cycle Management Errors

    Transitioning medical records and documents to a computer database has made great strides in the way medical information is available to everyone: the patient, medical professional, office staff, and insurance companies. New medical technology has decreased mountains of paperwork, and can now stream…Read More